Deceivers United

by Day Of Rising

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released May 10, 2010

Day Of Rising are: Daniel Gómez / Javier Narbón / Óscar Gómez / Roberto Bua

Produced, engineered and mixed by Romesh Dodangoda
195010 Produced by Day Of Rising, recorded and mixed by Óscar Gómez
Recorded at Long Wave Recording studios, Wales and Modern World Studios, Tetbury
Assistant Engineer: Rob Thomas
Pro Tools at Modern World Studios: Michael Nyandoro

Mastered by Shawn Joseph at Optimum Mastering, Bristol

All songs performed by Day Of Rising
Keyboards by Romesh Dodangoda

Lyrics: Tracks 1, 2, 6, 7, 11 by Óscar Gómez. Tracks 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 by Roberto Bua.

Design: Day Of Rising
Photography: Laura Vallés
Artwork: Laura Vallés and Óscar Gómez
Man on the cover: Ramón Rangel Gascó

℗ & © 2010 Young & Loyal



all rights reserved


Day Of Rising Castellón, Spain

Rock band who have toured Spain and the UK sharing stages with Paramore, Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory, Bring Me The Horizon and many more. Currently on hiatus.

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Track Name: Winners And Cheaters
You broke my silence with one of your questions
‘Is this the way it was meant to be?’
Just a subtle but selfish perception
Not enough to feel the pressure

Winners and cheaters all share the same table,
we learnt this lesson at tender age
Then we give and we lose and we waste but
don’t give up cause there’s no Savior

Far too young not to give life another shot
The moon seems like a good place to set my goals
Yes, I know there will always be a place for you and me,
for eager souls and bright minds

They sing their anthem as loud as the ocean
for each and for every one of us
Then we look for an escape from horror
Found today and lost tomorrow

I read the signs at the borders of this town
I found my way in and out and now these false warnings and cautions and bans, they cause no fear they’re just inviting

Sometimes we have no time to understand our own lives; we’re often left without a hand
I know we’re used to find them rough and hard; Those shoulders, that before were a place to cry on
Track Name: Phoenix Inc.
I can remember times I felt stable and whenever I would tremble
(could lean on you, the one I knew)

But now it feels like twice a lifetime and as distant as the skyline
(These words you said I won’t forget)

I don’t think that this will ever go back to where we felt everything was fine but I know the place where everything goes is just where lies finally fall apart

Once you said we would not make it without your help but you, you were never right and you pushed and tried but managed to prove our time together belongs to past

Miles away, my eyes remained open as we crossed the rain
While running from the sunsets already missed and those we’ll miss
I will try to keep them forever alive

Streets tonight are looking dark and holding memories out of sight
and you won’t shine again to light ahead but still we have our will and smile again, take it all out on yourself

I lost my bearings to find a meaning to this fear and endless screaming
(I won’t blame you, we all went through)

For all I know you’ve got eyes that fancy all but they get fed up quickly
(Replace what’s used with something new)
Track Name: You Don't Really Mean It
You hold on to what I belong to
but you don’t know a thing about
shooting high or lessons I can’t bring myself to teach you

The future is only as bright as you are
so pray for decent memories
I’d lend you some but who would tell you stories to remember?

I write more lies than you could ever tell
I can smile like I care

No matter how many times you try
I’ll always leave you outside to keep myself from being a better man
My suitcase was filled with hopes of good will that I just sold but you will never know
(and I can’t get them back)

The streets know every name except mine
Every word from someone else
All these silver medals are not really worth a mention

I’ll be counting sheep and debts forever
Still you will find me awake
You used to love the way I said “I want to be remembered”
Track Name: American Professional
Risking all that I have left
on the days I trust myself
Pretending that I can still feel

Tomorrow turns into next year
as their eyes leave me for dead
All you have is all I fear

Watch me leave but don’t let me go
I am not the one
that you can count on
Hate me now but don’t take me home
‘cause home is where the end is
and I’m still running

At my worst I still believe
Lost and tired but wide awake
I should learn from your mistakes

Time away is time well spent
Take care of my enemies
I’ll come back and still defy
Track Name: A Light Supreme
Lights are way too bright here
Let me be somebody else
Your smiles are so wide they scare me
Please make sure I can forget them

Ever-changing deadlines just delay my misery
Come around and show me how to pack my fate and throw it to the wolves

When no one looks I give up everything
Bright-eyed and done or something in between

And you know well that my nights are never over
and my thoughts are made of gold
Dreams on replay while my words are getting older
I wish I could run away from this forever

Whole weeks watching reruns of the life I never had
While I’m planning things I’ll never do with friends I’ve made and left behind

We all run in circles but at least I know the truth
It seems like no one ever told you that absolutely everything is wrong

Yes, I know well
That my promises are worthless
But I’m here to make some more…
Track Name: How To Be Wrong
I always knew I could have had it all but instead I smashed it all up
These things are usual – I can’t forget, I can’t regret, for damn’s sake

Shame is on you but it includes me
Taking the whole blame has never been an easy thing but you must admit you’re sensitive to this mess

A better wind will blow for us, that wind will blow away the pain, away again

Hold me tight tonight ‘cause it’s our last
Was your intention to light the fire or put it out?
If no one won, what did the fight become?
Misinformation, the only thing shared all along

I didn’t use to say words that had a stronger meaning, to keep it up
I yelled the soft ones and everything, for years to come, drowned in the sea

Shame is on us and that includes you
We saw it coming, it’s no surprise
Another story that meets the end so call it all a day

You were punishment and glory
Sharp and then blurry
I was never right
Track Name: Those You Forgot
The night sky paints our shapes in black – we become the darkness,
and silence breathes over your eyes and mine

Kingdom of touch – dim the lights that show the end of the corridor
For the first time keep your eyes open wide before leaping through the void

Hanging on to words…
You’re always asking ‘why’ and I’m showing you ‘how’…

Gods are sending thunderbolts and lightning over us
Are we the ones to ignore what’s plain wrong and erase ties from another age we just forgot

My past has always been so sharp that it cut trough future
Not even that can change the way I’m feeling now

Taking the right step is always uncertain when you have a choice,
Taking the wrong one is certainly done by banning your own voice
Track Name: Gentle(sad)man
Clouds witness my every step, they guide me through this city but hide the stars
This is the best and worse I’ve ever been while staying the same

Out of touch but I know enough
I still make you smile when I try
Out of luck but I charmed them all
I wanna feel the weight of the lights

Hearts glowing in the dark are all I really want to see again before it’s all over
Ready at times – Forgotten most of the time
Running away – Without a second to breathe

We go to war just so we can have something to talk about when they dance
I want to make it out alive with mind and friendships intact

Out of luck but I’m charmed enough
Wondering what life should be made of
I can choose what they can’t control
Out of touch but I know it all

Glory days when we were just like lions at play always doing it for the best
We had it every time we believed
We shiver and laugh in the same breathe
Beaten by years but we’ve cheated life for a while, so we’ll keep trying for years ahead
Track Name: 195010
Nothing ever shines when there’s no room to breathe and no one but me

You can hold the flame or be followed by evidence and your eyes never lie

Take some time and erase all your memories – bury me secretly
I won’t carry on – I guess there’s a way to go but we’re just not the same

How could I expect everyone to believe that I had the key?

I never pray, I don’t pray but I wish that my eyes could lie
Track Name: "The Downside Of Advantage"
Let them know if I make it through the summer I’ll go back to being me,
but until then tell them to stop asking all these questions

I don’t want to remind them but I have to ‘cause they keep me on their list
and I don’t remember saying ‘this could be something special’

I just want to make it home to see the last leaf touch the ground
Kings and princes spend their time watching my whole life fall apart

Carry the torch and lead the way
I will reach you, somehow
don’t let them know where we hide from it all
Sing me the last line
Keep my words and my name in your mind
I’m still around but I won’t be for long

Let it out, you’ve been keeping it for ages and I knew it all along
You were once one of the best but I really think you should leave

Once again I am reading the same pages to the ones who never dream
I am careful and considerate but they don’t seem to believe
Track Name: Front Row Seat
When I try my best to get through wind and high waters
and the air I breathe burns like a glowing ember in my lungs
I have always tried to rise to every occasion
When the trial’s set well I just don’t ever seem to have enough

Anything goes because everything is passing and everything they want is seeing
action on their screens
A time will come when we’ll beat the odds together
All I have for now is just a front row seat at a funeral

I can hear their words they made my hair stand on end
Flowing flawlessly through their mouth without an eyeblink at all
A path that never ends is taking me to their hands
I will find my way out, their fingers I’ll bend one by one

So as I hide from their words
this couldn’t just get any worse
but I keep smiling on my own